attention to details

High customer satisfaction leads to loyalty and a strong image for the company.

Meet Evaldas Stralkus, the visionary co-owner of the company, whose strategic prowess fuels the heart of our endeavours. With his experience and strategic thinking, our company is able to strive forward and reach its goals. Evaldas is not only a remarkable organiser and strategist, but also an adept people manager, skilled negotiator, and experienced numismatist.

Evaldas Stralkus

Transforming Visions into Reality

Evaldas Stralkus brings his exceptional expertise to T&S Coin company and shapes its direction according to our vision. His ability to solve complex situations and deep understanding of numismatics has propelled us to new heights. His leadership has brought together a team that is able to execute our vision and ensure that every project meets our customers’ high expectations.

Driving Excellence

Values and Client Satisfaction

While a unique design can be eye-catching and draw initial attention, the quality of a product, as well as the level of customer service, are equally important for long-term satisfaction and success. Evaldas believes in one core principle – the creation of happiness for our clients. Trust is the most important value when it comes to building long term relationships. And alongside happiness and trust, it's essential to strike a balance between unique design and a focus on quality and service. All of these together are the recipe for long-term success in business.

As a co-owner and head of operations, Evaldas Stralkus drives us to achieve perfection through his plans and expectations. His exceptional leadership isn't just about management – it's about teamwork and leaving an indelible mark.