attention to details

Every great idea starts with inspiration. This inspiration finds its embodiment in the form, says, –
our co-owner, Tikhonovskiy Yuriy.

He isn’t just a co-founder of our company, he’s the driving force behind its creative energy. His passion for art and his talent as the Creative Director infuse our coins with a unique visual identity that resonate people across the world.

Path to Creativity and Success

Under Yuriy Tikhonovskiy's works, our company has evolved into a hub of innovation with imaginative solutions in the field of coinage. His inspiring designs have become our company's hallmark, and his talent for coins creating unveils distinctive narratives through each piece. Because of this approach, we take pride in our accomplishments and the attention we pay to every coin.

Creative Autobiography

Love for Art and the World of Coins

Yuriy Tikhonovskiy is a master of his craft, while tracing his journey from the realm of art to the world of numismatics. Previous years was surrounded by colors and forms, which shaped his unique style and aesthetic perspective. Each coin he creates is like a canvas on which he imparts a fragment of his inner world.

Through the many years of creation and seeking pursuit of excellence, Yuriy Tikhonovskiy became recognized professional in his field. His passion for art and unwavering confidence in new ideas excludes our company in the world of coins.

Every coin created by Yuriy Tikhonovskiy has a part of his artistry and fervor. As every individual holds their own story, each of his coins serves as a vessel of unique history and emotion, embodying the creative journey of Yuriy Tikhonovskiy and our company.